The Connection Between Alzheimer's Disease and Dental Health

The Connection Between Alzheimer's Disease and Dental Health
Posted on 02/14/2018
This is the image for the news article titled The Connection Between Alzheimer's Disease and Dental HealthNearly 5.4 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, which attacks the brain and severely diminishes its mental acuity, affecting daily functions. The disease is severe enough to limit lifespans, with Alzheimer’s patients living an average eight years after onset or diagnosis. The older people get, the more likely they are to develop Alzheimer’s.

A Common Misconception

A common misconception is that memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s are part of the aging process, but this isn’t true. Although tests to accurately determine whether a patient will develop Alzheimer’s disease are on the horizon, the exact causes of the disease are relatively unknown. Yet, new evidence suggests that the onset of Alzheimer’s disease may be connected to a surprising factor – dental health.

Researchers from Taiwan discovered a correlation exists between Alzheimer’s and dental health, finding chronic gum inflammation caused by gum disease (periodontitis) increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Although the study couldn’t provide direct causation, researchers found patients who experienced 10 or more years of chronic dental inflammation were 70 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Even when accounting for other factors known for causing Alzheimer’s like diabetes, stroke and heart disease, researchers still found evidence of a correlation between Alzheimer’s and dental health. More study is required to determine and establish a direct link between chronic periodontitis and Alzheimer’s.

Fortunately, periodontal disease is preventable. Dental experts advise routine dental care, which includes brushing and flossing, to prevent the development of periodontal disease and inflammation. Dentists highly recommend patients schedule regular appointments to aid in periodontal disease prevention.

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Regardless of whether periodontal disease causes Alzheimer’s, it’s vital that patients receive routine dental care to prevent periodontal disease, as it can cause other severe health issues.

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